Evolite Outdoor Stretch Belt 4cm – KHaki

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Evolite Stretch Outdoor Belt
These special belts, which do not undergo deformation with their highly durable polyester structure, provide both your comfort and high comfort with their flexible structure.
Thanks to its flexible structure, it does not bore you even after a meal or after drinking plenty of water.
Thanks to its breathable feature, it does not make you sweat and leaves no traces.
It can be easily adjusted to all sizes with its special double-sided locking buckle system.
It has an elastic specially designed structure, and it hugs you gently without feeling.
It does not beep in airports and metal sensors and you do not need to remove it because there are no metal parts in its structure.
It is easily used in nature sports activities and also in normal life.
SPECIAL NOTE: These belts have a patented design and can also be used as a first aid splint or tourniquet in an emergency.



Evolite has been experting for outdoor garment and travel equipment in outdoor market for 2 decades. We’ve been working passionately to make our clients happy! Whether outdoor activity is the most important thing to you or you simply wish to enjoy nature and the exercise, our garments are perfect for trekking, hiking, mountain sports, backpacking and winter sports. However, what is important is that you always have the right outdoor garments and equipments in our store.. Women, men and young people can equip themselves with functional garment from head to toe. Our outdoor garments collection ranges from excellent functional underwear to trousers, shirts, tops and a range of softshell jackets, fleece jackets, windbreaks, down jackets, functional jackets and rain jackets, which are made of high-quality materials! Not only you find garments but also you find from down sleeping bags to synthetic fibre sleeping bags,3-4 season,extreme tents,thermal mats ,great outdoor backpacks,city backpacks,ski equipments and camping accessories in our store.You will also find hiking and trekking shoes in the collection. We are glad to advise you both in-store and online what you need to your activity. You’re guaranteed to find exactly what you’re looking for in the EVOLITE outdoor shop!


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