Evolite Carbon Quick-Lock Trekking Poles (pair)



· Closed length 64 cm

· Open length 135 cm

· Thanks to its three-piece telescopic structure, it can be adjusted to the desired size between 64-135 cm.

· Provides security by locking easily and quickly with the QUICK LOCK system.

· Non-slip surface and tip made of Tungsten element prevents slipping and provides a comfortable grip.

· Lock mechanism is made of aluminum material.

· PA provides an enjoyable climb with its EVOCON handle with safety strap.

· • Thanks to adjustable wrist straps, it transfers the load from hand to wrists. Perlons also reduce the risk of dropping poles

· • There are rubber protectors on the tip to prevent damage to the environment during transportation.

· • Ergonomic grip is made of thermo material that is lighter than others and provides comfortable use in cold weather.

· • There is a plastic holder to store the poles together.

· • Carbide / steel point material has a structure as hard as diamond. In this way, the tip of the baton will never be corroded.

• The Trekking Pallet and Snow Pallet with a larger surface area are a gift for comfortable use in Snow.


The baton should be held in such a way that the front part of the arm parallel to the body forms a right angle. Never cross the STOP line so that it does not break.


These hiking poles are designed to help you maintain balance, push yourself forward, and share effort between arms and legs.

For added security, check the lock of your baton before going out for a ride and after regular use by testing the bolstering feature. Do not hang your poles on your backpack during stormy weather.


Caring for your batons properly will keep them effective and prolong their service life.

If water leaks into the baton after use, disassemble it and let it dry. Finally, clean the dust and mud caused by water with a soft brush.After it dries, you can reassemble the pieces. Do not oil or polish.



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